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The Complete Invisibility

Thanks to this feature of the tracker, the phone can be completely concealed from a user despite his awareness of how this device works. This phone tracker app provides you with the most detailed information while being completely invisible for the user of Android device being monitored.

Text Messages,
Outgoing and Incoming Calls

You have ability to record all outcoming and outgoing calls. This SMS tracker app also allows you to monitor all SMS and MMS messages a certain user sent or received. What is more, you can view the images attached to these MMS messages.

Social Networks Tracking: Facebook & Viber & WhatsApp

Now you have a chance to read all messages sent through WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook mobile apps. You can either track or save any photos, videos and audio recordings from Facebook chats.

Geolocation Function

With the GPS mobile tracker you are able to detect and view the location of a certain target device, using your account. Wi-Fi signals, cell towers and GPS are used while tracking.

Photos by Front Camera

Here the front camera is used not only for selfies, but for making photos every time the user unlocks the screen. It is called as automatic front camera photo feature.

SIM Card Change

The hidden mobile tracker allows you to keep an eye even on a certain device without the SIM card. You will be notified about a user’s decision to change his SIM card.

Monitor up to 5 devices at the same time

Hoverwatch tracker app enables you to monitor 5 devices at the same time, including smartphones and personal computers, laptops (Mac, Windows), etc. That means you can spy on your children, worker or best half simultaneously.

Internet History of a Phone

This internet history tracker monitors all online activity of the certain phone or PC, all addresses, date and time of visited websites. It’s very useful for busy people, married couples, parents to avoid many negative situations.

Todo list

One more feature of Hoverwatch android phone tracker is worth mentioning: ability to track Todo list. It’s really of a big importance now. It’s rather convenient for many people to make notes in their phones and this app will provide you even with this kind of information.


Hoverwatch has the function of tracking all contacts of the user’s address book. This feature allows you to view browse details such as numbers and names, emails, addresses a user was looking for. This information will be saved on the user panel.


The phone tracker app takes screenshots within certain intervals. So, you will be aware of who is using the target device, when and how he/she is doing it. You will also find out the real purpose of using it.

Snapchat Monitoring

You will have no difficulty in tracking drawings, documents, videos, audios, photos in Snapchat on a certain device. It’s your opportunity to bу fully informed about the exact time and date of these files. This Snapchat spy will be useful for controlling online activity of your children as well as of your employees.